Dumasaphobia - The Fear of Stupid People.

How is Dumasaphobia Pronounced?

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What is Dumasaphobia?

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You’ve had to deal with them at your job, co-workers and customers. You’ve had to deal with them on the streets, talking on the cellphone, putting on makeup, cutting you off, or not signaling their intentions. You deal with them at the store, on the phone and just about anywhere you go. You deal with them just about every day. If you work in tech support, they are the only people that call you. Who are they? They are dumbasses. Idiot people that shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. But they have, and they are spreading like a virus.

What’s worse, is that they have caused another disease. A phobia. A mental disorder that has no cure. It’s called ‘Dumasaphobia’, the fear of stupid people. There is no cure, but there is hope. Please visit our Online Store and buy Dumasaphobia Gear today! Your purchase makes a difference. You can also download our Desktops (see below) to help raise the awareness of this dreaded disease.

Ways to fight Dumasaphobia

  • Stop the Government from the lowering of the Standards of Learning (SOL).
  • Ensure that every school has Music and Arts as part of their curriculum.
  • Require Computer owners to have an operators license upon successful completion of a Computer Users Course.
  • Contact your Senator to place a bill to make it illegal to apply Make-up, eat or use Cellphones while Driving without the use of a hands-free device.
  • Have a statute in place for all businesses with an Express Lane (10 items or less) to employ a person with an I.Q. higher than 100 to actually make the lane express!
  • Buy Dumasaphobia Gear to help support the cause!

Internet Outage

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People Are Idiots

It's why we sell the t-shirts...

As you can see, people are just getting worse as time passes.
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